From Rose
  Date: Fri, Sep 21, 2001, 1:34pm (CDT-2)
This is worth sharing - an email friend sent
it to me ... And more important, Worth doing
if necessary. As the Israelis say about their
"Holocast, so should we say,,,"NEVER AGAIN"!!!
I just wanted to drop you all a note and let
you know that I arrived safe and sound into
Dulles Airport tonight at about 6:00. It was
an interesting flight.

The airport in Denver was almost spooky, it
  was so empty and quiet. No one was in line
for the security check point when I got there
so that went fairly quickly, just x-ray of
my bags and then a chemical test to be sure
nothing explosive was on them. Then I waited
2 1/2 hours to board the plane. What
happened after we boarded was interesting
and thought I would share it with you.

The pilot/captain came on the loudspeaker
after the doors were closed. His speech
went like this: First I want to thank you
for being brave enough to fly today. The
doors are now closed and we have no help
from the outside for any problems that
might occur inside this plane.

As you could tell when you checked in,
the government has made some changes to
increase security in the airports. They have
not, however, made any rules about what
happens after those doors close. Until they
do that, we have made our own rules and I
want to share them with you.

Once those doors close, we only have each
other. The security has taken care of a
threat like guns with all of the increased
scanning, etc.

Then we have the supposed bomb. If you have
a bomb, there is no need to tell me about
it, or anyone else on this plane; you are
already in control. So, for this flight,
there are no bombs that exist on this plane.

Now, the threats that are left are things
like plastics, wood, knives, and other
weapons that can be made or things like
that which can be used as weapons.

Here is our plan and our rules. If someone
or several people stand up and say they
are hijacking this plane, I want you all
to stand up together. Then take whatever
you have available to you and throw it at

Throw it at their faces, and heads so
they will have to raise their hands to
  protect themselves. The very best
protection you have against knives are
the pillows and blankets. Whoever is close
to these people should then try to get a
blanket over their head--then they won't
be able to see. Once that is done, get
them down and keep them there. Do not let
them up. I will then land the plane at
the closest place and we WILL take care
of them.

After all, there are usually only a
few of them and we are 200 + strong! We
will not allow them to take over this plane.

I find it interesting that the US
Constitution begins with the words "We,
the people"-- that's who we are, "WE THE
PEOPLE" and we will not be defeated.
With that, the passengers on the plane
all began to applaud, people had tears
in their eyes, and we began the trip
toward the runway.

The flight attendant then began the
safety speech. One of the things she said
is that we are all so busy and live our
lives at such a fast pace. She asked that
everyone turn to their neighbors on either
side and introduce themselves, tell each
other something about your families and
children, show pictures, whatever. She
said "for today, we consider you family.
We will treat you as such and ask that you
do the same with us."

Throughout the flight we learned that for
the crew, this was their first flight
since Tuesday's tragedies. It was a day
that everyone leaned on each other and
together everyone was stronger than any
one person alone. It was quite an experience.

You can imagine the feeling when that plane
touched down at Dulles and we heard "welcome
to Washington Dulles Airport, where the local
time is 5:40". Again, the cabin was filled
with applause.

Where Was God During This?"

Let me tell you.

He was there when the planes struck at
9 a.m., rather 10 a.m. when most of the
buildings would have been occupied.

He was there when people in the second
building felt the urges to get out
before the second plane struck.

He was there in the faces of the fire-
fighters, police officers and rescue
workers who acted as angels to help the
wounded and those who perished.

He was there in every church, synagogue
and place of worship when his Children
asked for healing and prayed for the victims.

He was there when one man descended from
the 82nd floor and escaped with only a
broken leg when the building collapsed.

He was there when for whatever reason,
people were delayed from arriving for work
on time, or when they missed one of the
four flights that perished and found
themselves on a different flight.

He was there to welcome into the Light
those who perished, and He found places
for them where there is no more suffering,
hurt or agony.

He was there when a woman and her feared-
dead husband were reunited on a New York
street corner amidst the chaos, crumbling
buildings and scrambling people.

He was there for the teacher on Long
Island, who received a bouquet of flowers
the day after the explosion. They were
from her missing son, saying thank you
for helping him move into the city. Could
it have been his soul's way of letting
her know he was OK?

He was there when the passengers on the
Pennsylvania plane decided to overtake the
hijackers. This could possibly have
prevented more destruction.

He was there when authorities found leads
on suspects and curbed further possible
problems when our airports reopened.

He was there when this national tragedy
reshaped America from a "me" society to
a "we" society.

He was there when the two youths assisted
the elderly man away from the buildings
before they crumbled.

He was there when the newscasters were
reporting the incidents so America could
see that in the midst of the tragedy, there
were people safe in New York and how
quickly the emergency teams responded.

He was there to inspire the candle light
vigils, the prayer services, the emotional
support services to help those traumatized,
and to see His children returning to Him
in His Houses across the country.

There is good in the world. And unfortunately,
there is evil.  That's part of the Free Will
given by the Creator.  But never think for a
moment that He would not be here with us
through it all. 

No matter how separated one
may feel from God, He never
separates Himself from us.