From: { ƒlø } |{) Date: Wed, Sep 12, 2001, 8:56pm (CDT+1)

Subject: Sad News About Victims

My Brother-in-law worked with 6
people who were murdered in the
horrific plane crashes yesterday.
They were on three different planes,
that's right not all on the same plane
& all murdered. To add to the sad news
is that the one coworker had his 3 year
old son on the plane with him. They
were going on vacation after a business
meeting. I do not yet know who was on
which plane. The co-workers were 4 men
& 2 women.

There are several people in my town
who have relatives that work at the
world trade center. They have not
heard from them yet.

My sister has 2 friends whose husbands
work at the world trade center. We have
no word as to their safety yet.

Today is my Daughter's 10th birthday.
One she will never forget.

Let's keep our prayers going & pray
that more survivors are found. Pray
for everyone because right now
everyone needs prayers. This is such
a sad time for our country.

I pray that all of your family and
friends are safe. Take care,

Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2001, 7:29am

(CDT-2) Subject: Fw: Delta alert overseas

Times are tough in DOD schools...
From an online acquaintance:
I am in Darmstadt, Germany. All of the
DoDDS European schools are closed until
further notice and we are on lock out.
The military will be bringing in counselors
and soldiers with guns to protect the

We are on -Delta - alert. This is the
highest security measure before

They have 4 to 6 soldiers checking every
vehicle. We basically have been
quarantined to quarters, on or off base.
This is very hard on our children as they
see everything from their windows in the
apartment complexes for the soldiers.
They do not understand. These little ones
and their families could be in danger if
another attack occurs - this is very difficult
to explain to little ones.

Terrorists were seen taking pictures of the
base where I teach. This happened last
year as terrorists are in this area. Our
crises and counseling is in a whole new
ball game.

The German people are wonderful. It is
the possibility of another terrorist attack
and where it will happen that is so very
scary to all of us. We have no idea of
when we will return to teach. We pray that
America will be safe as we are Americans
and are targets.

You are lucky to have the freedoms that
you have. Our grocery stores have closed,
we can not move about freely, we can not
drive the same way to work every day, we
can not wear shirts with logos as this is a
giveaway that we are American - we have
to keep our vehicles cleared out from
anything not needed - safer for vehicle
inspection for bombs.

Our blessings are teaching the children of
our fighting forces. We have their
protection at all times.
Let's hope that this is the end of the

Date: Sat, Sep 15, 2001, 3:18am (CDT+1)
  Subject: Our own candle ceremony...
Hello, All !
I just wanted to let you all know
about something that happened Friday
night at the Diner where I work. We
have a mini "U.N.", there, with cooks
who are Turkish, dish washers &
busboys who are Mexican, a waiter
from India (who lost 2 cousins in NY)
owners from Greece, & waitresses, USA born.

We all knew about the plan of going
outside with a lit candle at exactly
7 PM to show your sympathy for Tuesday's
victims, & support for America, but
what could we do here in the restaurant ?

Tonight, at 7 PM, we had a full
restaurant, but we all stopped
what we were doing & went up to
the cashier's desk, the cooks,
the diswashers & the wait staff,
& I asked for all of our patrons'

I apologized for the momentary
stoppage of service, & explained
to our diners that we, the staff,
were of many different ethnic
backrounds, but were STILL a Family,
&, as they were with us at this
time, they, too, were now a part
of our Family.

I then asked them for a moment's
silence while we lit a candle for all
of the other Families effected by
Tuesday's terrible tragedy.

We lit the candle in utter silence,
stopping for that moment to say our
own silent Prayer, & finished the
small ceremony with a resounding cheer
of "God Bless America !!" & applause.

Then we all cried & hugged each other...
It was one of the most moving experiences
in my life !

I know that it may not be much, but
in that one, brief moment in time,
we WERE all a Family, mourning OUR
loss, & America's loss, yet still
filled with the pride of this
wonderful country we all call "Home".

My Love goes out to YOU, my Site Fights
Family, along with my Prayers for Wee
One Glitter Star's Family, Wee One
Princess Peach's Family, & all the other
Families who have suffered at this
terrible time.
May God's Blessings & Guidance be with us all.