I met Oddette when we were playing a game on pogo,
I can't remember the game now as it was in 2006
and that seems like a long time ago with so much
going on in both our lives. Odette was a wonderful
person & she would pray for the prayer requests
that I sent out for the different people on pogo
that were sick or lost a loved one or had someone
that was ill, going to have surgery or needed prayer
for something or someone. She had a giving spirit
which I am sure everyone that came in contact with
her soon found out.

Odette never complained about her cancer nor did I
ever hear her say a bad word about anyone. She was
a beautiful caring woman with a spirit that
could have come only from her deep faith in the LORD. It
was a priveledge to know her and I know she is home
with Jesus where I hope to meet her someday. God bless
each and every one of you as you walk through the days
ahead with Odette's memory in your hearts.