I have known Bev T Boo for quite a few years now & was
deeply saddened to hear that the cancer she had been
fighting for several years had taken her life.
She was a wonderful sweet friend to all that knew her.
She has a wonderful family here on earth but now she
is home singing with and enjoying her heavenly family.

Bev is walking streets of gold as is described in the
bible. No more tears or pain for her so let us rejoice
in her homecoming and be ready when our time comes to
join her there on the other side of death. God bless
each and every one who reads this.

Beverly Tooley, Bev--T-Boo Passed away Feb. 8 at 7:12 pm 2012

Beverly Tooley

To Friends, family and prayer warriors on my e-mail list
I am writing this letter ahead of time just in case the
Lord wants me in heaven. I know that I am healed here or
there and I just accept that fact and have faith and hope
in the Lord. If I did not have HIM then where would I be?
He dwells in me . I gave my heart to the Lord long ago so
I know that when I pass from this life to the next in
heaven that I carry each of you with me in my heart..
That is all we take with us is the love or people or
family etc that we have while here on earth.

We sure have had some great times haven't we? We have
Praised the Lord together and shared our feelings with
each other and sometimes even the trials that we have
gone through or are going through. I thank the Lord that
He made us friends . We have kept in touch daily through
the internet..There is good in being on line and in Ministry.

I know many Pastors and friends that serve the Lord sitting
right here in front of the screen for hours a day , trying
to make a difference in a life. My friends, you have done
that with me.

I want to thank each of you for your friendship . It has
meant so much to me in my walk with the Lord. I pray that
I have made a difference in your life.

To my family I say, give your heart to the Lord if you
have not done so and let HIM fill you with what is needed
in your walk day by day. I want to see everyone of you in
heaven and I will be waiting to greet you all when you get

Know that I am having so much fun and talking to Jesus
face to face. Don't worry , I will put in a good word
for you too (smiles.)

Just think, to be here where I will be forever now seems
so strange but I know that the Word of God is true and HE
says so . That is all I need to know.

Earth will have seemed like just a moment in time compared
to heaven Since I have been waiting to see what the Lord
will do with me, I have laid nights just wondering how
pretty heaven will be and what it will be like to talk
face to face with the Lord. Wow, it is going to be awesome.

Well, all I know now to say is thank you for all the years
you have been with me here day after day sharing together
the Lord and prayer request and much more. I have also laughed
with the cute little jokes you have sent . I can't forget to
mention the yummy desserts you sent for me to try.

you are all in my heart Till I see you all again Lets
just say See Ya later (smiles)
Beverly Tooley, Bev- T- Boo -

Please do keep in touch with Steve as he will need you all
when I leave to go home.He has been my rock and he has
loved me so much that I can't imagine leaving without him
but if the Lord wants me I have to leave. I will see him
later for sure.

Steve love you always sweetheart . I know you will be sending
this letter . Thanks hon.

PS. The Lord has allowed me to live till today July 20, 2011.
I don't know how much longer
I have but you can believe it will be lived in the LORD. He
will be coming soon I feel. See you all in heaven where we
will be together forever.